Touring Universities? Here’s Your Campus Visit Checklist

Visiting the campus will give you a real sense of the atmosphere, the academic programs, fellow students, faculty, student life, the local area, and much more. As you walk down the corridors of your selected Universities, you will get an intuitive clarity about your choices and whether or not you feel at home in this […]

5 Tips To Help Your Child Prepare For First Year Of College

The first year at college is a learning curve for parents as well as the students. Here are five tips on what you can do over the next few months, before your child moves away, to help them transition to university life.   Money management For most kids, this will be the first time they […]

10 Fundamental Extracurriculars for Summer 2023

Summers are usually the largest breaks that students get during their academic year. Hence, it is imperative to plan them carefully to maximise effectiveness and balance learning with fun. At Open Canvas, we prioritise your interests to suggest fun ways to optimise your summer! Our Summer Workbook 2023 brings you 10 fundamental extracurriculars that will […]

Types of Admission Responses From Colleges

The application process is in full swing and with admission responses from colleges beginning to trickle in, let us help you decipher the four potential outcomes you can expect. 1) You are Accepted – Congratulations! Once all your acceptance letters are in, review the offers carefully and take your time to decide the best offer. […]

10 Steps To Choosing The Right College

With application deadlines around the corner – starting as early as October – it’s time you’ve a list of colleges that are right for you, in hand. If you’re choosing a college based on rankings alone, think again. You need to evaluate other criteria too, and identify which ones are a priority for you. Here […]

Resume 101: Don’t make these mistakes!

You’ve taken days to put together your resume, but did you know you’ve just about a minute to make a winning first impression? Here are the top 5 mistakes to avoid when crafting your resume! 1. Loud and bad formatting Skip the loud, graphics-heavy layouts and stay simple: use consistent formatting with fonts and font […]

Want to Study Abroad? Befriend Books This Summer

For highschoolers looking at applying to top global universities, reading books is college 101. Most top global universities look for students who are passionate about learning, and who are curious enough to take the initiative and challenge themselves intellectually. Reading books helps hone your critical and analytical thinking skills, expand your vocabulary and develop higher […]

They Want To Know What You Did, This Summer

It’s that time of the year… the one you’ve been waiting for. Summer is the right time for maximizing your relaxation / fun quotient, social life and best of all, your profile. Before you moan and groan about just having emerged from tackling the never-ending battlefield of grades and exams, we’d like to quote the […]

How To Identify An Appropriate Online Course

Google an online course and you are bombarded with pages and pages of options.  What should you choose? How do you know that’s the best class for you?  Here are 4 tips to help you narrow down your options: 1. Identify What You Want To Learn & Why.  The subjects are endless, so sit back […]

Summer Ideas

Dear Students, Summer is here and we know you want to “chill,” at least that’s what our students say. However, in addition to binging on shows, food and games, chalk out some time for your interests and hobbies. Here are 15 summer ideas that will boost your holidays and help you discover yourself: 1. Get […]

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