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Touring Universities? Here’s Your Campus Visit Checklist

Visiting the campus will give you a real sense of the atmosphere, the academic programs, fellow students, faculty, student life, the local area, and much more. As you walk down the corridors of your selected Universities, you will get an intuitive clarity about your choices and whether or not you feel at home in this new place. Look for the right fit when you go campus touring and gauge whether this is an environment in which you can thrive.  Here’s a checklist to guide you through the process: 


1. Contact the University Prior To Your Trip

  • Contact the universities to find out when official campus tours are offered, before you finalize your travel plans.
  • Some universities will require you to pre-register for tours, and many offer tours at specific times and days of the week.


2. Do Your Homework

  • Make sure you know everything about your program, curriculum, professors, and extracurricular offerings. 
  • Pen down some insightful questions to ask.


3. Walk Across the Whole Campus

  • Get a good sense of the student body, classrooms and facilities. 
  • Check if you can actually picture yourself as a student on this campus?


4. Ask If You Can Attend Lectures

  • Check if you can get a deeper understanding by sitting in one (or a few) of the lectures.


5. Connect with Students & Professors

  • Interact with the admissions team, students, and professors.  
  • Build a good rapport with the people you meet.
  • Get contact details / business cards. Send a Thank You message after the meeting.
  • If you know students attending that college – connect with them.


6. Visit Important Offices on Campus

  • If it isn’t part of the campus tour, you will want to visit the Financial Aid Office, Admissions Office and the International Student Services Office. 


7. Get Your Questions & Doubts Answered

  • Clear any doubts you have regarding exams, deadlines, financial aid, curriculum etc.
  • Ask specific questions.


8. Keep A Record of Everything

  • Remember to take notes and photos; write down your first impressions, what you liked and did not like, whom you met and anything distinct about the college or university that caught your attention.


9. Send Thank You Messages

  • Once home, do not forget to send everyone Thank You messages.


Visiting a campus to get a feel of the real deal is a good way to embark on your academic journey. Happy travels!


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