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We strongly recommend starting your higher education journey early, ideally four years prior to application. Scheduling your counselling sessions (school, subject or board selection, profile building, career options) gives us the edge to curate your profile and build the strongest application to gain admission to your dream university.

Your university applications should be an accurate representation of you. When you sign up with Open Canvas for your applications, it is our responsibility to understand your education goals, help you find the best fit colleges and present your candidature in the most advantageous way. We will handhold you through the complete application process, including scholarships and financial aid.

A postgraduate degree (MBA, Masters, Executive Education, Ph.D) is a major decision that must be considered carefully. Through our counselling sessions we determine your postgraduate readiness and chart out your career progression. At Open Canvas we will work with you to evaluate your profile, understand your academic aspirations, identify the right fit colleges and finally mentor you through the complete application process.


When you are at a juncture in your career where you are conflicted about the way forward, an MBA could provide a springboard to facilitate or accelerate your career goals. An Open Canvas counselling session will evaluate your current profile, understand your professional objectives, and provide specific actions towards achieving them. When you are application ready, we will identify right fit colleges and work with you through the complete application process.

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Prisha Jain

Admitted to University of St Andrews

Shilpa Shetty

Admitted to Harvard University, USA

Raoul Grewal

Admitted to University of Southern California (USC)

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About Open Canvas

Open Canvas is an independent education and career advisory company working with 8-12th Grade high school students, undergraduates, postgraduates and professionals. We help them achieve their academic and professional goals by evaluating their current profile, understanding their preferences and aspirations, carving their path forward and assisting them through the college application process.

Open Canvas does not have affiliations with any universities. Our endeavour is to get our students to reach their potential and get an admit into their best fit college.


About Grishma Nanavaty

Grishma Nanavaty, founder of Open Canvas, is an independent education advisor with experience across subjects, streams, boards and locations. She has been guiding students for over 10 years, showing them the realm of possibilities, determining the best fit, and navigating them through the college application process.

Grishma was raised in Hong Kong and studied in an international curriculum.  She completed her undergraduate degree in Economics from the University of Warwick (UK) and her MBA from Carnegie Mellon University (USA).  Grishma’s previous professional background was in Finance at companies like Dow Chemicals, American Express Financial Advisors and Poten & Partners.

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