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10 Fundamental Extracurriculars for Summer 2023

Summers are usually the largest breaks that students get during their academic year. Hence, it is imperative to plan them carefully to maximise effectiveness and balance learning with fun.

At Open Canvas, we prioritise your interests to suggest fun ways to optimise your summer! Our Summer Workbook 2023 brings you 10 fundamental extracurriculars that will give you the edge you need for top university admissions. 

When you sign up with us, we also guide you through choices like:

Internships – If you are doing an internship, is it the right one for you? – If you are inclined towards Business, should you do an internship with a parent or join a financial institution?

Reading Are you reading titles that will give you an edge over your peers? – Woman in Moscow versus The Catcher in the Rye

College tours – How do you optimise your university visits? Whatever your chosen destination, we will help you pick at least 2 universities to walk through.

Download the Summer 2023 Handbook to know some wonderful opportunities that you can take over the summer.  We are delighted to facilitate them for you!


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