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Summer Ideas

Dear Students,

Summer is here and we know you want to “chill,” at least that’s what our students say. However, in addition to binging on shows, food and games, chalk out some time for your interests and hobbies. Here are 15 summer ideas that will boost your holidays and help you discover yourself:

1. Get Inspired.

If you are pondering about your future, watching some inspirational talks or documentaries might help you find new ideas or direction.

2. Turn A Weakness Into Your Strength.

Did you struggle with presentations or public speaking? Utilize the summer break to learn and build upon your vulnerabilities.

3. Talk To Your Parents.

Your parents are your greatest cheerleader, critic and resource. Involve them in your thought process and they will provide you with a wealth of information about your strengths and ways to harness them.

4.  Prepare For Standardized Tests.

Study for your upcoming exams and standardized tests such as SAT, ACT, TOEFL, IELTS etc. Utilize this time to revise and be exam ready.

5. Research Potential Colleges.

Look at University websites, talk to friends, family members, and recent high school grads now in college. Even if you have no idea about which geography or major, visiting college websites will help you hone in on your likes and dislikes. 

6. Take An Online Course.

Join an online summer school program or take an online course. A large number of universities and platforms offer courses on a range of subjects. Build on your knowledge in your subject area of interest.

7. Learn Something New.

Are you interested in Spanish, Coding or Website Design? Summer is the time to master a new skill. Teach yourself, or work with a teacher. Get started!  

8. Give Back To Your Community.

Find a cause that you are passionate about, and then volunteer with an organization that works on these interests. Connect with the appropriate Foundation or NGO and understand what specific areas you can help with from home. 

9. Delve Deeper Into Your Interests.

For those of you already engaged in extra-curricular activities, now is the time to take things up a notch. 

10. Harvest Your Creativity.

Transform your talents and your interest into your summer project. For example, if you are highly proficient in a subject, tutor younger grade students online over the break.

11. Find A Summer Internship.

Tap into your family and friends, and identify relevant opportunities that allow you to work from home. For our budding computer science majors, assist a business owner in archiving data or developing their website. Perhaps a family friend is podcasting daily, can you help them enhance their reach?

12. Converse With Professionals.

With your parents, identify seasoned professionals in careers and majors that you are interested in. Then connect with them via email or phone. Make sure you have a good set of questions ready to ask them. 

13. Stay Fit.

Even though you can’t go outside and play badminton or football with your friends, there are plenty of ways to stay fit indoors. Engage in simple workouts from home to keep both the body and mind active.

14. Read Some Good Books.

If you don’t have a ready list of books, google age-appropriate suggestions. Try to find options across genres, fiction, non-fiction and in your subject of interest.

15. Don’t Forget To Relax.

We are experiencing a global phenomenon and students around the world are facing disruptions. Don’t stress if certain benchmarks are not attained. Continue working towards your goals but be open to pursuing a different path.

If you would like to discuss strategies specific to your child’s interest on how to optimize your summer while at home, please schedule a counselling session. Write to


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