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Study Strategies For Students

Dear Student, please remember, as you prepare for your upcoming exams and demanding submissions, there are ways to be more effective and efficient with your study time. Here goes:

1. Know the Scope.

Do your Homework! Before you start studying, know what topics you need to cover, how long each subject area will approximately take, when the exams are and what format each exam will take. Armed with this information, create a realistic schedule.

2. Get Organized.

Structure and routine are key. A calendar or planner with set time limits, daily manageable tasks and goals, will help you stay on track.

3. Start Ready.

I know it’s tempting to roll out of bed and start studying, but remember, your mind won’t be in “work mode.” Instead wake up, get ready, squeeze in a good breakfast and start your day energized!

4. Learn From Your Mistakes.

Don’t shy away from them. For example, if you are having trouble with a question or portion, don’t defer tackling the issue. Instead, find the answer, and understand where you are going wrong. If you need to reach out to your teacher, you must do so.

5. Form An Online Study Group.

In addition to studying on your own, form a study group with friends. Even though we are practicing social distancing, you can still connect with your classmates via online platforms. Gamify questions and have fun pop quizzes. Explaining concepts to others and plowing through difficult questions together will increase your understanding of your subjects. 

6. Mix It Up.

Vary your learning styles to strengthen understanding. In addition to reading the material also write notes, create visual representation of the concepts, watch relevant videos, discuss questions with peers, answer varied questions papers and more! (Look at platforms like & as resources)

7. Practice Exam Questions.

Practice makes perfect. Just like a musician or athlete fine tunes their skills through practice, so should you.

8. Ask for Help.

If you don’t understand a concept or are feeling overwhelmed, reach out to your teachers, parents and friends. Don’t stress in silence when you have a support system eager to help. And re read point 4 🙂

9. Create a Productive Studying Space.

Have a designated work space that has good connectivity, lighting and limited noise. Declutter the area around you and make sure all that you need (books, stationary etc.) is at arm’s length. The sofa or bed is for sitting and sleeping respectively and for wind down activities. 

10. Minimize Distractions.

Don’t have music or a screen on in the backdrop when you are taking on a subject that requires concentration. Switch off or silence your gadgets and let everyone at home know your schedule and availability. But for subjects like art, sure, go ahead and blast the music. You decide!

11. Take Proper Breaks.

It’s important to keep energy levels high. Getting up and moving around can reenergize the body, reduce the stress, increase focus and help you better retain information. Even a simple walk around your room can work wonders.

12. Eat Smart.

It’s hard to concentrate on an empty stomach. Keep fruit, yogurt and nuts within easy reach. Avoid binging on junk food. It can cause sugar spikes followed by sharp crashes. A healthy diet will maximize your mental capacity.

13. Get Enough Sleep.

A minimum of 7 hours of sleep is what you should aim for. Keep a regular bedtime. Getting enough rest can enhance your ability to concentrate, learn and revise. 

14. Give Yourself Down Time.

Pencil in recreation time and online social events into your timetable. Even though you would like to have marathon study sessions, be realistic and be productive. Give yourself free time to keep motivational levels high and yourself fresh.

15. Keep a Positive Attitude.

View exams as an opportunity to learn better, and not a punishment. They are important stepping stones in your life, so keep the big picture in mind as you work through each day!

Good luck!


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